Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thanksgiving in Rio 2011

The first real meeting of the project is approaching. We're calling it "Logics and Ontologies for Portuguese" but this is a preliminary title only. The dates are 20-25th November, 2011 at FGV.

The plan consists of a minicourse of 5 days, 1:30 a day (morning? afternoon?), some other formal and informal discussions.

Dr Gerard de Melo is our main speaker, we intend to learn lots about YAGO and MENTA and his clever methods to extract information from open sources like Wikipedia.

I hope Dr Leonel de Alencar will come and talk about plans for a Brazilian Portuguese LFG-grammar.

I hope Dr Hermann Hausler might  talk about games for complexity bounds for intuitonistic description logic iALC.

I hope Dr Luiz Carlos Pereira will want to discuss geometric systems of proof.

I hope Suemi will talk about the Dictionary of Historic Persons and we will make progress on a plan for using ontologies to improve access to it.

I shall introduce people to SUMO and Sigma and then hopefully talk about "Natural Logic and Contexts for Quantification". I must improve this (from the Workshop in Stanford, April 2011) an awful lot, but I have some time.

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